Local Area Restaurants:

This butcher shop starts making bentos at 11. The bento boxes are premade, so make an easy lunch option.
Open: 9:30-6pm weekdays, bentos usually 11-1pm.
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A Chinese Restaurant with vegetarian options. There is a mixture of Chinese and Japanese dishes, including ramen, don dishes, and fried rice.
Open: 11:30-2pm, 5-8pm. Closed Sunday
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Kisen Bento Shop:
A bento shop, where most of the orders are done in advance. There is a pointer menu with times so you can see how long it will take. They will deliver to Kinuya or at the house for free, but exact change is necessary. Give them as much notice as possible.
Open: 11-2pm, Closed Sunday.
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Mikawa Shokudo:
Chinese restaurant with don dishes, tempura, and usually large portions. Generally, you get free coffee with lunch.
Open: 11-2pm, 5-8pm. Closed Monday
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Oni Cafe:
This cafe menu changes every day, as there are 3 different chefs. This can be a fun way to try new dishes! The cafe has coffee and cake as well as lunch most days, but the main meals do sell out! It is a good idea to call ahead or pop in and make sure they have enough. Fridays are vegetarian lunch days.
Open: 10am-5pm. Lunch starts at 12, but there is not lunch on Wednesday or Sunday.
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Deceptively not a sushi restaurant. Instead, this is a set meal restaurant where for ¥680 on the weekdays or ¥780 on the evenings/weekends you can get a meal with rice, soup, tofu, side dish, and pickled vegetables. The main dish is your choice.
Open: 11:30-2pm, 5-8pm, Closed Monday
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A sushi restaurant, where sushi making runs in the family. You can order sushi or sashimi platters per person and have a surprise mix, or order rolls on their own.
Open: 11-2pm, 5-10pm. Closed Monday
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A noodle shop that goes back for generations. Don dishes (over rice) are also available.
Open: 11:30-2pm, 5-8pm. Closed Wednesdays
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