Chuo Taxi

Direct transit from airport to local destination

With Airport Direct, you get straight to where you want to go immediately upon entry to Japan. Head to your hotel to rest after a long flight. Or start your sightseeing or other activities without delay. Arrive, and do what you came to do without any further hassle.
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International Parcel Post

You can use this service to send general goods. There are three shipping types for outbound parcels that vary by speed and cost.
There are three shipping types: Airmail, Surface mail and Economy Air (SAL).
Procedures are easy and simple. Fill out the special parcel label and paste it on the package

Comparison List for Services

Send a package


Send your suitcases to the airport

Send heavy suitcases and bulky carry-on bags to the airport.
Luggage can also be sent from the airport to your home or hotel.Parcels heavier than 25kg are not accepted.
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Airport TA-Q-BIN Rates and Acceptable Sizes

How to Fill Out the Parcel Label