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Anagama Ceramic Mug no.129

Anagama-fired ceramic cup with Shino glaze on red Iga clay.
Produced by Shiro Oni Studio founder Kjell Hahn.

Size: 80 x 85 x 85 mm

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Out of stock


This piece is one of a kind, made in an Anagama, a traditional wood-fired Japanese kiln. The firing process takes years to master and requires 5 days of constant wood-splitting, hauling and stoking.  Over the course of the firing, natural wood-ash mixes with the glaze to make a unique striation of colors and flashing on each piece.

Our kiln is located off the grid in the mountains of Saitama, Japan.

To view the entire process, watch our 2018 firing.

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 80 × 85 × 85 mm