We are accepting applications for 2024 and will begin interviews in December 2023. There is no specific deadline for applications.

While almost all travel restrictions to Japan have been lifted, please check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for information:

To Apply:
1. Download. Click on the “Artist Application Form” image below to download the application form.
2. Application. Fill out the application form. Please save as an excel file (if possible, do not use Pages or Google Documents). Change file name to your full name.
3. Images. Create a profile image of yourself and an representative image of your artwork. Images should be 400×400 pixels with a resolution of 300. If accepted to the program, Shiro Oni Studio will use these images for artists introductions on the website.
4. Artwork. *optional* Attach up to 10 images of your work. Please include dimensions, media, date and brief description of images.
5. Zip Files. Zip application form, profile image, profile artwork image and images of your work (optional) into a single file under 20 mb.
6. Email. Send the zipped file in an e-mail to the address written at the top of the application form, with the subject “Application 2023”
7. Introduction. In the email body, please write a brief description of your proposal and why you are interested in the residency.
8. Interview. Applicants will be interviewed over Zoom.