Artist in Residency: Fritz Horstman

Fritz Horstman
Installation – Sculpture – Drawing

I spent August and September 2015 as artist-in-residence at Shiro Oni Studios in Onishi, Japan, producing drawings, books, videos, sculptures and sound projects.

I took measurements of the Kannagawa River in Onishi, Japan, by walking through the river and making drawings of the contour of the riverbed every five meters for 35 meters and then in a different stretch of the river every ten meters for 300 meters. I then cut those shapes out of the ubiquitous fans (uchiwa) found everywhere in Japan in the summer, creating segmented cross-sections of the river.

Japan’s waterways and coasts are covered in tetrapods — large interlocking concrete shapes meant to control erosion. In a fairly casual search I found over twenty different shapes. When the economy is slow, the government gives money to the tetrapod industry to get things moving. Japan’s economy has been slow for two decades now, so tetrapods are everywhere.

Ink prints on washi paper made from plants and objects found around Onishi.

[Fritz’s Exhibition: Kanna Fall Art Festival, 2015]

[Artist Website]

フリッツ ホルストマン