ARTIST IN RESIDENCE: Machteld Rullens 

Machteld Rullens 

The Netherlands
Stay:2019 04/24-06/04
Photography, film, a little bit of ceramic

Machteld Rullens received her Bachelors of Fine Art at the Royal Academy in The Hague, The Netherlands and received her Masters in 2014 from the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. She has lived in Belgium, Germany, South Africa, and Paris. Since 2017 she was funded by the Mondriaan Fund with a scholarship for two years.

ハーグ王立美術学院の芸術学号を取得、2014年ピエト・ズワルト研究所(the Piet Zwart Institute )の芸術修士号取得。ベルギー、ドイツ、南アフリカ、そしてパリに住んたことあり。 2017年以来、彼女はモンドリアン基金(the Mondriaan Fund)から2年間奨学金を受けていた。

[Exhibition: June, 2019]

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