Lauren Hotson

Stay:2019 10/16-11/27
Ceramics, Photography

Lauren Hotson received her Certificate 2 in Fashion Design at Sydney Fashion College in 2003 and a Bachelor of Business at the University of Technology Sydney in 2009. After school, she worked in Digital Marketing in Sydney before moving to live and work in New York City for two years, where she would nurture her passion and interest in clay in the evenings and on weekends. In 2014 Lauren relocated to Bali, Indonesia where she has been running her own remote digital media agency. Between 2015-2017 Lauren has attended eight two week intensive ceramic workshops at Gaya Ceramic Arts Center (GCAC) in Ubud and participated in a number of Anagama & Soda kiln firings. In 2017 Lauren completed a seven month 6-day a week unpaid internship with Gaya Ceramic Arts Center (GCAC). Lauren continues to attend workshops at Gaya CAC in exchange for building their new website and assisting with other digital media needs.


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