Artist in Residence: Julia Valencia

Julia Valencia
Stay : 6/20 -8/1
Designer, illustrator & art director

I’m a designer, illustrator, scene designer and art director and I feel creation as a way from the idea to the shape.
I have a special relationship with drawing, space and digital techniques and working with the object.
My starting point is to find the concept, to, from there, move forward to the technique. And let the appearance unveil as a part of the way. Something that the project itself claims to reach its own imaginary.
I need to create in order to move through these ways once and again.
For Shiro Oni I’m working from the emotion generated by Oni Shi, its environment and the locals. I’m doing a portrait project and an installation.

滞在期間 : 6/20 -8/1

[Julia’s Exhibition: July, 2016]

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