Artist in Residence: Jake Couri

Jake Couri
Stay : 6/20 -8/1

Graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Syracuse University in 2011, with a primary focus in oil painting and metalsmithing. I’ll be attending graduate school in the fall of 2016 to earn a master’s degree in fine art at California College of the Arts.
Continuing to examine the endless path of the earth’s ability to constantly shift, disintegrate and thus transform is my prominent focus. Adapting weathering processes triggered by natural elements, I create work as a tribute to life’s ability to reshape itself. I’ll be applying this theme to my work in Onishi, taking advantage of its vast landscape; hopefully offering the viewer a shared tranquility through nature.

滞在期間 : 6/20 -8/1


[Jake’s Exhibition: July, 2016]