Artist in Residence: Hinrich Schmieta

Hinrich Schmieta

Use the drawing machine!
Find a partner and move the levers on each side.
Draw a circle in the sand.

The artist will be happy to answer your questions.

If yo do have more resources to do translations, feel free to translate also the following:

Drawing Machine is an interactive sculpture[, that consists of industrial palets and wodden laths].

By means of an handcrafted wooden mechanic the movements of two levers are transmitted to a drawing pen sitting in a sand bed.

When a levers is moved, the pen traces a line in the sand.

If both levers are moved simultaneously, the pen draws complex lines in the sand.

Levers are positioned on opposite sides of the sculpture and may only be operated by two persons cooperating.

Users are asked to draw a circle in the sand.

[Henrich’s Exhibition: Kanna Fall Art Festival, 2015]
[Artist Website]

Hinrich Schmieta
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