Artist in Residence: Evgenia Emets

Evgenia Emets
Stay:2017 3/17-5/01

Evgenia Emets is a poet and artist. Sound, word, poetry, drawing are the primary elements of her current work. Through installations and performances Evgenia creates experiences, which invite the audience to question the boundaries of perception. Her visual artworks are most often created in a contemplative manner, to invite self-reflection. Evgenia’s sonic explorations are focused on working with voice as the primary tool. It is always accessible, always available to us – to reclaim voice as means of communicating beyond language, through more abstracted sound. A specific element of Evgenia’s work is audience participation. In some of her performances she challenges perception of humans as separate from each other, inviting her audience to become participants – into an immersive

[Evgenia’s Exhibition: May, 2017]

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