Artist in Residence: Eileen Norell Ryan

Eileen Norell Ryan
Stay : 6/20 -8/1
Painter & Installation Artist

I am a painter and installation artist. I graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts from the Univeristy of Massachusetts Lowell and I work at a the Arts Research Collaborative; a small gallery, studio and residency space in downtown Lowell, MA. In October I am traveling to the Peruvian rainforest to learn ceramics, pigment and paper making from the indeginous community of Chunchiwi at the Sachaqa Centro de Arte artist residency.
I am interested in the Shintō religion and the ecology of Onishi. I will work to create narrative installations and small works on paper using materials and imagery from Onishi. While I am here I hope to explore the mountains, river and forests and learn about the Kami that inhabit the landscape.

滞在期間 : 6/20 -8/1

[Eileen’s Exhibition: July, 2016]

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