Artist in Residence: Dick Folse

Dick Folse
Stay : 6/20 -8/1

Dick Folse has a Master of Fine Arts from Illinois State University. A working artist for 30 years, he exhibits nationally and has taught drawing and design at a university. He is currently the Director of Grants and Foundation Relations at Illinois Wesleyan University.
I work from my imagination, and often in a studio without visual references. My inspiration comes from specific places, but the work does not represent any one place or view; rather, it is a sense of the places I have seen and know well, fictitiously portrayed. While in Onishi, I will allow the natural habitat and community to impact my square-style paintings known as ‘Squarescapes’

滞在期間 : 6/20 -8/1


[Dick’s Exhibition: July, 2016]

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