Local Festivals and Events

Activities outside the studio provide opportunities for cultural exchange and a chance to meet the people of Onishi.
Artists may participate in local events and festivals as well as gatherings the art residency organizes.

Onishi Music Festival

The town of Onishi holds a summer music festival every July (In 2025 it will be the 14th and 15th). The Festival is one of the most exciting times of year, with former residents coming from around the country to participate.

While not required, artists in group 2 are encouraged to participate in the festival and to help pull the shrine.

Kanna Festival

2025 will mark the 12th annual Kanna Fall Art Festival. The Kanna Fall Art Festival brings together Shiro Oni Studio artists with craftsmen and artists from the Kanna area. In 2016 the week-long festival had work from 40 artists from 20 countries on display as well as musical performances at the former Fujisaki sake brewery and at the Shiro Oni artist studios.

Guests enjoy live music, food, drink, interactive art, the Japanese tea ceremony, an independent film showing and outdoor activities including tree climbing and two-person log sawing.

Anagama Firing

The final group of 2025 will fire a traditional wood-fired anagama kiln. The residency founder Kjell Hahn runs the kiln and has been firing anagama for 17 years.
It takes several days to load an anagama, meticulously packing wadding between every adjoining surface. The kiln then requires 4 days of 24 hour stoking, burning through several cords of wood.

The kiln is located across the river from Onishi on a nearby mountain in Kamiizumi town, Saitama prefecture. The kiln is 10 minutes from the nearest building, in the middle of a cedar forest.
During the firing artists will stay in a small cabin next to the kiln.