Costs and Scholarships


Since the residency is divided into groups, artists are charged a flat participation fee for each section.

There is no weekly or daily charge.

Residency is divided into 6 week-long groups.

In 2024 there is a flat participation fee of 300,000 yen.

Shiro Oni Studio Covers: artist support (bilingual staff members to help with anything from research to figuring out which foods are vegan at the supermarket),  a private bedroom, studio space, all building utilities, a bicycle, access to the wood shop tools and equipment, and flyer printing expenses.

Artists Cover: Travel expenses, food costs.

Artwork materials: artists are responsible for their own materials. There is an storage room of free artist materials from previous artists.  Storage room has things like paper, fabric, ink, tape and paint.  Its also possible to source natural materials like bamboo from the surrounding mountains, or wood from lumber mill off-cuts.