Artist in Residency Audrey and Viviane

Viviane Vagh and Audrey Chtchepine
Collaborative Project

Paris is full of myths and legends. Its famous monuments and busy streets convey a powerful symbolism and an obvious dreamlike imagination.
Can clichés be avoided so that one can be totally emerged into the archetypes?How can codes and expectations be diverted or subverted to reveal a hidden and unknown Paris?
In order to explore the challenges of portraying the City of light, we commissioned a few emerging artists living in Paris (most of them are under 30) to give their own vision of the city. Two film-makers and four photographers have produced works especially for this project.

[Audrey and Viviane’s Exhibition: Group 2, 2015]
[Artist Website]

ヴィヴィアンヌ・ヴァグ and オードレ・チェピン